St Edward's Catholic First School

Windsor, Berkshire

Prospective Parents' Visits

We warmly invite all prospective parents to come and visit our school.

Several visits are held during each Autumn Term for parents whose children are due to start school the following September. 

All visits begin promptly at 9.30am and last for approximately 1 hour.

During visits, parents are given a guided tour, providing them with the opportunity of seeing our school 'in action'.  This tour is followed by a talk by the Head or Deputy Head, after which parents are welcome to ask any questions they may have.

Parents are given a Supplementary Information Form (SIF), which is also available online; this should be completed and returned to the school office, with the required supporting document, by 15th January prior to the September of entry.

Dates for visits during the Autumn Term 2018 are as follows: Thursday 20 September, Wednesday 7 November and Tuesday 20 November; and Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Upcoming Events

Please contact the school by email to book a place on one of the tours. 

Please note that Prospective Parents' visits are for adults only.

As the car parks on site are for staff use only, visitors to our school are asked to park in one of the local streets.

Coming Up

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