St Edward's Catholic First School

Windsor, Berkshire

Appeals Procedure

Appeal Forms can be obtained from the school office and must be submitted to the Clerk of the Governing Body, on behalf of the Governors’ Admissions Committee, care of the school office.  All appeals are considered by an independent panel.

The Clerk to the Governing Body, St Edward's Catholic First School, Parsonage Lane, Windsor SL4 5EN.

Educational Appeals Timetable

In accordance with the new School Admission Appeals Code published Wednesday 1 February 2012 the new deadlines for lodging appeals are as follows:

Deadline for lodging primary appeals – Thursday 16th May 2019.  

Appeal forms received after this date will be accepted, but there may be some delay in the hearing of such appeals.

Please ensure you have:

  • Supporting documentation ready to upload, e.g. proof of residency, if moving house is the reason for your appeal
  • A copy of your refusal letter
  • Supporting documentation if appealing on medical, social or welfare grounds
  • Prepared a statement outlining the reasons you wish your child to attend your preferred school and the grounds for your appeal.


  • Notice given to appellants of appeal hearing - At least 10 school days before the date of the appeal
  • Deadline for appellant submitting additional evidence - At least 3 school days before the date of the appeal
  • Deadline for Admission Authority submitting evidence - At least 11 school days before the date of the appeal
  • Deadline for the clerk to send appeal papers to the panel and parties - At least 7 school days before the date of the appeal
  • Decision letter - To be posted out within 5 school days from the date of the hearing (wherever possible)
  • For information on waiting lists, please email

For further information please see the link below:

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